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Meet Nathaniel

Nathaniel Mulcahy is an activist, environmentalist, humanitarian, inventor, and former schoolteacher turned to politics to fight for those the establishment ignores or has forgotten. As an engineer he rose to the position of Director of R&D for Emerson corporation before leaving the corporate world and establishing a Humanitarian Engineering company called WorldStove. WorldStove’s focus has, for over 20 years, been a twofold mission of humanitarian aid and the creation and implementation environmental solutions and policies. Twelve years ago, WorldStove became the first company in the world to be certified as carbon negative.
Nathaniel Mulcahy


For the sixth year in a row.

It's almost as if investing massively in public education and free healthcare while mandating equal pay can make you happy to live even in a place with a climate like Finland's
Tell me you're in New England without saying you're in New England aVoice4MA6 photo
Given the laws that are currently being proposed and passed, it might be time to mandate conversion therapy for transphobes, homophobes, bigots, misogynists and racists.

If they can dictate how others should be shouldn't we have the same right to mandate how they should think?


Mulcahy for State Rep
Mulcahy for State Rep
please join me and others who care by signing this
Mulcahy for State Rep
Mulcahy for State Rep
I love that Somerville is giving the youth a voice in their future
Mulcahy for State Rep
Mulcahy for State Rep
Teachers are underpaid
Schools are woefully underfunded
But rather than enact stricter gun laws lawmakers think solutions like this and trauma-inducing active-shooter-drills are the way to go.

Our representatives are not interested in protecting children or education

They just want to protect guns and corporate donors

I say let's ban guns, not books.

Mulcahy for State Rep
Mulcahy for State Rep
Grab a coffee or doughnut and join a School Committee member - or TWO!!! on Saturday, March 4th from 9am-10:30am at Brothers Brew!! They will bring copies of the current budget booklet, and their listening ears."