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Nathaniel Mulcahy Bio

Nathaniel Mulcahy

Nathaniel Mulcahy is an activist, environmentalist, humanitarian, inventor, and former schoolteacher turned to politics to fight for those the establishment ignores or has forgotten. As an engineer he rose to the position of Director of R&D for Emerson corporation before leaving the corporate world and establishing a Humanitarian Engineering company called WorldStove. WorldStove’s focus has, for over 20 years, been a twofold mission of humanitarian aid and the creation and implementation environmental solutions and policies. Twelve years ago, WorldStove became the first company in the world to be certified as carbon negative.

Globally, Mulcahy has helped communities in 16 different nations and has been part of almost every UN Climate Conference since 2008. He lived in refugee camps while helping in Haiti during and following the devastating earthquake, worked in Sierra Leon during the Ebola epidemic. Mulcahy helped build a woman’s shelter for rape victims in Northern Burkina Faso, and a school and hospital in Tanzania. Mulcahy developed a system in Senegal for eliminating invasive plant species and regenerating soil in desertified areas so that even tomatoes could (for the first time in 20 years) be grown again in what had once been desert. In Ruanda he’s been part of large-scale reforestation programs.

Nathaniel has been elected as a delegate to the Democratic State Convention three times. He is currently the Chair of the Rockport Democratic Town Committee. He’s been part of the push for better school funding, taken on developers when their interests were antagonistic to the community, and managed to get Pavilion Beach in Gloucester deeded to the city forever as a public beach. He’s been a strong advocate for the rights of fishermen and the working waterfront and because of these efforts he was appointed to the Shellfish Advisory Commission in 2015. In 2019, when he was recruited to run for Congress, he used his short-lived campaign to change the argument about campaign spending by, instead of buying advertising, working with R.I.P Medical to purchase and excuse all the medical debt for poor and low-income families in our community. That works out to $1,528,483.03 of medical debt for 845 poor and low-income North Shore families erased.

Massachusetts has a reputation as a progressive state but that is not reflected in the actions on Beacon Hill. Because of redistricting we now find ourselves in a brand-new district of Essex 5th, which still is made up of Rockport, Gloucester and Essex but now also includes Manchester-by-the-Sea[MOU2] . With his life he has demonstrated time and again that he is willing to take on the hardest of challenges. Now, Nathaniel Mulcahy is looking forward to bringing Representation to our new district that is reflective of our communities and which hold up to the reputation other states have of our Commonwealth.

New Representation for Our New District