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Immigrants have played a substantial role in Cape Ann for hundreds of years, including today. People move to Cape Ann and join our community every day. Our family lives in Rockport and on our evening walks downtown we play a game with our kids of how long will it take to hear ten languages. Even in the off season it’s very fast and that speaks to the richness and potential of our district.

Massachusetts is the only state in New England with 287(g) agreements which deputize our local and state law enforcement via agreements with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This uses our state and local tax dollars for federal immigration enforcement; moreover, it jeopardizes the relationship between immigrants and our public safety infrastructure. No victim or witness of a crime should have to think twice about engaging with the criminal justice system because of their immigration status.

I also support H.2370 the COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Act. Black and Latinx residents of Massachusetts have death rates from COVID that are three times higher than those of white residents, accompanied by lower rates of vaccination compared to the rest of the population. COVID-19 has shown the interconnectedness of public health. This bill would expand education and outreach, create a mobile vaccination program, and require transparency around vaccine planning and implementation.