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Open Green Space

I understand that there is a catastrophic housing crisis and that this has led to unfettered development but I think it is imperative to remember the importance of saving open public spaces and incentivizing property owners to leave our precious remaining in town wooded and open areas.

Even the areas that are off limits to the public improve the quality of life and biodiversity of our communities. Part of what makes the Essex 5th District so special is the interspersed green spaces and history. As we find ways to provide more housing we need to be sure to preserve the greenspaces for they are not only one of the key reasons people are moving here, interspersed green spaces make all of us healthier.

Unfortunately short sighted politicians and developers have lost sight of this, but when the spaces our children play, our wildlife depends on and our water system needs are lost they will NEVER come back. As development shifts into high gear NOW is the time to act and incentivize communities to save the in town green spaces we have.


The Necessity of Urban Green Space for Children’s Optimal Development