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Saving the Arts

When many of our communities were struggling the shift to artists saved them. Now with the cost of housing skyrocketing many artists can no longer afford to live here let alone have studio space. The nation’s oldest artist colonies have their home here and many now famous artists were drawn to our art colonies and extraordinary light.

I am glad that the memory of these artists are treasured and given a space here but it would be a dark day if we do not make space for new artists and they deserve space to follow in the footsteps of greats and inspire and enrich our communities.

The arts saved and enriched our communities and the loss of them would leave a void that no quantity of luxury condominiums could ever replace. I propose the State provide funds to create in each of our communities housing and studio space for artists. The spaces could be in two categories: established artists and new artists.

The established artists could apply and receive use of a home and studio free for one year as a sort of artistic sabbatical with the obligation of quarterly shows of their work for the community; while the new artists could also apply for one year artists in training programs which would allow them use of a studio apartment and access to a collective community owned studio. Artists saved us when we were down it’s time we repay the favor.